1. Price: For the same quantity of furniture and accessories, you’re going to spend a half to a third of what you would spend at other stores.Ikea Storefront
  2. Simplicity: Ikea feels like a corn maze you’ll never exit, but in reality having every single item you need under one roof (including dinner) means that at least you don’t have to drive anywhere but home when you’re done.Ikea modern sofa
  3. Style: Although certain items practically shout “I’m from Ikea!,” there’s actually enough variety that if you choose carefully you can create a very unique, eclectic feel that expresses your style, not theirs.Ikea leather modern wood texture
  4. Food: It’s practically free, and lingonberries are surprisingly delicious. Plus, Swedish Fish.swedish meatballs lingonberry
  5. Fast: When you place an order with a high-end furniture store, you’ve practically forgotten what you picked out by the time it arrives. Depending on how many friends you can bribe, you can put together a whole apartment full of Ikea this weekend.Ikea warehouse
  6. Efficient: Ikea designs for a global market, which means that their furniture is reasonably sized for a small Bay Area apartment or home. Other space-saving cleverness: rails for hanging kitchen tools, loft beds with roomy desks underneath, and super-slim tilt-out drawers for shoes.

  7. Kids: Whether you’re furnishing their room or bringing them a present, there’s lots to like. Also, you can check them into the play area while you shop.Shark pillow stuffed animal ikea kids toy
  8. Transience: Don’t know how long you’ll be in one place? The low cost and portability of Ikea products makes it easier to invest in making the here and now comfortable.Ikea gray blue modern white
  9. Testing, testing: While you’re saving up for the perfect wing chair of your dreams, try out the Ikea version and see if you really like it. Then pass it along to a needy friend when you hit the big time.

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