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Silicon Valley loves to combine sleek design with great functionality, and we’re no different. Our founders reflect this combination, as Amanda Giles is an expert in visual design and color, while Shelly Ostman is an [...]

HI-TECH FLOORING2019-07-30T03:01:35-07:00

The Irresistible Entry


Here are some practical tips for creating a feeling of hospitality that starts at the sidewalk   Paint your front door: A red front door is a classic way to make your entrance warm and [...]

The Irresistible Entry2019-01-04T19:26:49-08:00

The Drop Zone


Had enough of shoes, coats and bags never making it to your closet? Do piles of junk mail mock you on the kitchen table before swallowing your keys and birthday checks? Fear not! Your current [...]

The Drop Zone2021-03-11T15:06:30-08:00


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