Awhile back we had the privilege of co-sponsoring a Friday night wine & cheese event at Montrose Apartments in Mountain View. It’s such an awesome location, close to everything and with great amenities. We had a chance to mingle with all the neighbors there and introduced DesignFix. We met Jason*, a guy fresh out of college with a software job downtown. Armed only with a beanbag, a folded foam mattress, and a laptop in his apartment, he wondered how soon we were available to help out.

His experience is a good illustration of how our process works, so here it is:


Step 1: We met with him the very next day to find out what he needed and take photos and measurements of the empty space. We walked him through our comprehensive list of everything a household needs and noted his preferences. For instance, Jason* needed some dishes and really basic cookware, but not serving platters or a coffee maker. We shared with him about how much he could expect to spend at various price points and agreed that Ikea would be the best fit for his budget.



Step 2: We created a personalized selection of Ikea products and invited Jason* to log in and let us know which items he liked. As he made his selections, he could see real time changes in the bottom line cost and make smart decisions for his taste and budget.  After one or two refinements online at his convenience, we were in agreement on the major purchases to be made.



Step 3: Shopping day! With the big decisions made, we went to Ikea to pick out the smaller items like dishes, lighting, rugs, and other functional or decorative pieces. Our total was within a few pennies of the estimate we had given Jason*, so we knew we were on the right track!



Step 4: On Saturday, one week from our initial meeting, we rolled up to Jason’s* door with everything he needed. Before our delivery guys made their second trip in, the expert Ikea assembler was already putting together Jason’s* dining table. In just a few hours, Jason* had a complete home, and was stretched out on his new couch with his laptop.






Step 5: There are always a few items we end up not using, so we adjusted the total and gave Jason* an invoice that included our package fee of $750/room plus the cost of the items he needed. It feels so good to help our clients feel happy in their homes quickly.

Home. Happy. Now.


*not his real name