Decision Fatigue
Many of our clients find that they are simply maxed out on making decisions by the time they have the basics in a room. There are so many things to pick! Paint color, area rug, sofa or sectional, coffee table, media stand, bookshelves, and many more semi-permanent selections have to be made just to get this far. But we have found that making a place look inviting and finished requires a few more steps, and adding some greenery is a crucial one. Lately, we are loving the offerings of Planted Places and how they bring the beauty of nature indoors through living walls and succulent decor kits.

You’ve heard of farm-to-fork, but what about deck-to-dinner? With Planted Places leafy wall kits you can have your art and eat it too. With a variety of seasonal herbs and edibles delivered along with a wall hanging kit and irrigation set-up, you can grow healthy food even in an apartment. Kits are delivered to your home with directions for easy assembly, and seasonal updates are available (as well as many non-edible choices).


Sumptuous Succulents
Delicate beauty combined with ease of care make succulents ideal for busy people, and are a great addition to many design styles depending on how they are displayed. Planted Places offers unframed wall kits, framed wall kits, and tabletop planter kits in a variety to suit every taste. (Tip: the kits are a fun activity for a group gathering–just add drinks, snacks, and friends!).


No Brainer
Planted Places makes it easy to grow real plants, but if you just don’t want to, “silk” plants may be just the thing you need. We like to soften corners with a large ficus or palm, or add a trailing plant from a high shelf for some earthy drama. Obviously, you can do the same thing with real live plants (we like Summer Winds nurseries for larger plants and Trader Joe’s for tabletop pots), but if you want to go the fake route, we usually find the best selection and price at HomeGoods. Here are a couple of examples from our clients.


Relational Bliss
We like to offer our clients a really seamless experience from the initial consultation to a home that feels welcoming and finished, and that’s why we have a few favorite partners to help us get the job done, or for us to feel great about referring our clients to. Christy Ross, founder of Planted Places, has become a good friend to DesignFix and we’ve collaborated on a number of events this summer. Her excitement and experience are inspiring to us! Learn more about Christy’s story here.

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