From the engineer:  LoveSac spent some time thinking about this sofa design.

with LoveSac’s interchangeable components, you can go from sofa to chaise to theater seating in minutes! As your lifestyle changes or you just want to mix it up, this design flexes with you. Bonus: the rectangular shape of the seating component even makes it easy to customize seat depth for taller friends.


Sturdy: Stainless steel and solid wood are strong material choices for the dynamic parts of the design, keeping the finished unit free of shifts and wobbles for a long time to come. Extra attention to reinforcing the seating cushions keeps the “bucket seat” in your sports car, not your sofa.


Simple: Great design should be uncomplicated. A U-shaped bracket and “shoe” are all that is needed to reconfigure the setup, keeping moving parts to a minimum. Easy to use and easy to store, many components can be stored inside the seat making moving a snap.


From the stylist:  
Here’s what’s to love about Lovesac.


Clean lines: Lovesac’s unique system of slipcovering individual components means that you get both the convenience of slipcovers and the tidiness of upholstered pieces–perfect for a sleek, modern look that’s also extremely comfortable and easy to live with.


Options options options:
Make your sofa a minimalist statement in one apartment and a scene-stealer in the next without having to start all over, just by zipping on a new machine-washable skin and/or reconfiguring.


Style caveats:


If you love a truly traditional look Lovesac may not be for you (but they do offer a rolled arm that softens the profile for a crossover look). Also, since the seat sections are all the same, corner cushions don’t line up visually. This has no effect on the great performance or comfort of the sofa, but if you’re a real “liner-upper” that offset might be tough for you.


Overall: We love LoveSac!


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