Modern red chairs origami table


Problem: Old and new furnishings aren’t playing well together.

Solution: A new space plan and the right accessories to bring everything together.

The Story: Heather is always abuzz with energy, and got everything unpacked in her new place right away. Her house was tidy, bright, and… boring! She was grateful for the modern leather furniture left by the former owners, but did it work with the sectional she bought at Costco? She called us to see if we could bring it all together in a way that would look stylish and unified. Shelly created floor plans that took into account all the functions the room needed to accommodate, while Amanda got busy shopping for rugs, tables, and accessories that would pull the colors together and create interesting focal points to draw the eye. Surprise ending: the fuzzy rug and stuffed ottomans in front of the fireplace are everyone’s favorite place.