What is a Style Board?


Do you like to come home to a minimalist, uncluttered environment? Or do you feel more comfortable with an eclectic assortment of cozy furnishings? An urban loft feel? Or the ambiance of a beach cottage? [...]

What is a Style Board?2017-11-11T04:14:25-08:00

What is a Color Palette?


Whether your favorite color scheme is bright or neutral, your house will look best when you have an overall plan for colors and finishes. A whole-house color palette can give you confidence to shop for [...]

What is a Color Palette?2021-03-11T14:35:16-08:00

Science of Light and Color


Every color is affected by the light sources around it, both natural and electric. Before painting a room with what you think is your favorite color, select the right lighting to ensure you get what [...]

Science of Light and Color2017-06-15T19:28:25-07:00

The Irresistible Entry


Here are some practical tips for creating a feeling of hospitality that starts at the sidewalk   Paint your front door: A red front door is a classic way to make your entrance warm and [...]

The Irresistible Entry2019-01-04T19:26:49-08:00


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